Place of sighthounds in History till on caps of Champagne wines

What can be the best link between History, Heritage, heraldry, city who french kings were crown, Champagne region and champagne wine ? Evident : sighthounds dogs breeds !


Sighthound, “lévrier” and the female in french “levrette”, a royal dog, elegant, bubbly and  above all present over the siecles, witness and partner, fellow of kings and aristocrats. (Those dogs are in the group number 10 who classify dogs breeds).

The sighthounds are shown in Art on differents materials : paintings, frescoes, statues, potteries, tapestries, change, dishes, vases, and are loyal figure  on coat of arms for nobles families or villages and cities.

Greyhound or whippet also there, fellow after the death, like this one on the tombstone wanted by Anne de Bretagne for her parents, François II and Marguerite de Foix. Anne de Bretagne one of those personnalities who played a big part to the passion in France the sighthounds.

Xavier Przezdziecki’s great book, is a bible about the place of sighthounds in History « Le destin des lévriers » (translation : “sighthounds destiny”), book printed by Edica’s editions.

The sources are extremely varied and  spread during siecles. It’s the subjet of varied collections on the account of Champagne Damien-Buffet on Pinterest :

All of it till the official opening of the royal collection of champagne’s caps in tribute to those dogs breeds on bottles caps of champagnes of Damien-Buffet house. They’ll like that preside at the start of sparkling of those wines of celebrations, party, feasts, all around the world. It’s the place who seems to be there place, showing them at the best place : around family, events of life and happiness.


The theme about the place of sighthounds in History has been chosen by Champagne Damien-Buffet House, as a tribute to those breeds of special dogs. It became self-evident :

Reims, city of coronation of 35 french kings, situated at 8 kms of our winery in Sacy. The cultural heritage of the city shows some sighthounds on tapestries, and some can be seen on the renovated pediment of the cathedral. They were there in front of this cathedral and historical monuments during kings coronations.

Some whippets or greyhounds are also included more well known tapestries than those of Palais du Tau in Reims, like the 6 taspestries of « La Dame à la Licorne » at Cluny’s museum.

or in Bayeux the tapestry named la « Reine Mathilde » or the « Grand-Britain conquest» by Guillaume the Conqueror.

List of 126 coat of arms of villages in France shown geographically, showing a sighthound (greyhound, whippet) who are named “lévrier” or “levrette” for the female in french. The sighthound is in heraldry the symbol of loyalty.

Many families from aristocracy in Europ included also a sighthound in their coat of arms. But for them, sorry it’s impossible, even if it’ll be interesting to see it near the villages’ coat of arms and known like that if some regions, some historical periods or facts are part of the decision of this choice of symbol.


Champagne Damien-Buffet’s House has now 12 classy and elegants ambassadors, 9 whippets, 2 galgos and 1 greyhound. A royal collection numbered from 1 to 12 for the 12 differents dogs and on the reverse of the caps the name of the dogs, the breed, the country they come from. All of them are with the wire cage on each bottle, of all the cuvees of champagnes premier cru (except for LElixir who is a limited edition).

Those sighthounds ambassadors has been chosen by drawing lot after a photos contest who 5 countries took part of it (France, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic, USA) in Autumn 2016.

It’s the time of an annual cycle of the vineyard, from the change of the look of the bottles, beginning of wine tourism animations, after renovation of the farm of the family for work and welcome, shop spaces, , changing for a responsive design bilingual website, with blog and social medias profiles and content. All of it  rewarded by the french quality certification label Vineyard and Discoveries.

Since the official opening of  the royal collection of champagnes’ caps of 12 whippets, greyhound or galgos, you can now buy all the bottles and cuvees of champagnes DAMIEN-BUFFET’s House who have them all (excep l’Elixir, limited to 250 bottles by year), and collect the caps bottle after bottle with the discovering of which dog ambassador is on the top of each bottle of champagne, or you can buy directly the caps collection if you are collector, or if you would like it as a gift for someone who is collector or like the dogs.


The official opening of the cuvees of champagnes DAMIEN-BUFFET, with those breeds on the caps on top of the bottles with the wire cage, and the reward of the winners of the photos contest, who was done in autumn 2016, were part of the  central programme of the 2017 occasion of the global Champagne Day (click here to see the photos album)

NB : Champagne Day, it’s the third Friday each october all around the world. The beginning was in USA like a pre-diner shared through social medias with photos or videos of the tasting of champagne. The Champagne region organize his 8 occasion in Aube and in  Sacy with Champagne Damien-Buffet’s House since 2016.

Charles Palmer and his family, guests of honor for Champagne Day in Sacy on 20/10/2017, winemakers of english sparkling wines in Sussex, Charles Palmer Vineyards, through the story of their family coat of arms who it has a greyhound on it and the sharing of their wines, drawed a parallel with the tasting of cuvees of champagnes Damien-Buffet. All of it contributed to the open-mindedness like that sighthounds give us the example with their character joyfull and sociable.
It’s crossing the spirit of Mission and actions of « Hillsides, Houses and Cellard of Champagne » who organize some reconciliations stays. Champagne region, for this file, entered in the list of World Heritage since the 4/7/2015. Reims, Unesco’s city and each of all the 320 villages in Champagne region are involved in wine tourism and for doing better in Champagne AOC area .

The association Soligalgos is very active, to save and rescue some galgos in Spain, and in add during historical médieval reconstruction (fêtes johanniques in Reims, and also during the celebration of Jeanne d’Arc in Orléans, and for the event around ducales de Guise). Those actions are exactly in the thematic de of the place of sighthounds dogs in History.

The President, Muriel Douheret, accepted to participate to Champagne Day in Sacy (journée mondiale du Champagne in french), with around ten members costumed, with galgos dogs. It’ helped to show the story of those breeds and the respect we have to have to those dogs.


The first pleasant walk was on the terroir of Sacy on 21/10/2017, the day after Champagne Day. The walkers, hikers and families with dogs discovered the natural and beautiful view between vines of Sacy and the forest of Natural Regional Park of Montagne-de-Reims.

All people were happy of this moment between nature and tasting, from the vineyard to the wine, quiet walk with family, or friends, with the doggies. Why stop there, the plan of the circle for the walk who is an hour long or a bit more is possible and done by everybody.

NB : click to see the photos album of this first walk between dogs lovers and champagne lovers in Sacy

For all who’ll be interested in this kind of walk, animation, contact Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET by phone or mail, your need and question will be carefully considered. For example if you would like to organize a walk or a tour in nature around Sacy, or come to taste the wines during a journey or a morning, or  if would prefer some things for adults and some for children at our winery and around, all of it shall be possible but we need some details and dates to organize all for the best.

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Greyhounds thematic choice for our caps of champagnes Damien-Buffet


The idea and the wish to highlight dogs breeds for our new thematic for caps of Champagne Damien-Buffet, with dogs europeans lévriers (whippets, galgos, greyhounds, italian greyhound, deerhounds..) came obvious at our mind.

Those breeds of greyhounds dogs are really present and shown, close to kings and their court, on heraldry, and also near greatfull ladies of Belle Epoque, on the Art Déco posters or other documents through centuries and in many countries of the world and naturally in the world of Art, on paintings,  tapestries.

We can see the greyhounds presents during huntings, or escorting their owners, loving at the same time horses and dogs, able to follow them and share in symbiosis.
Likewise, whippets and galgos, when they are used and well treated for the pleasure for competition and training in team greyhounds/humans, for beauty dogs dogs show or race tracks, are beautiful and show  the symbiosis between human and best friend, the dog.

Those dogs are part of french and european History and also far from there in Arabia, in Asia, in Russia. Those breeds and those dogs deserve to be highlighted at the release of the sparkling wine bubbles for the champagne, wine of the kings and king of the wines.

For those reasons, and Reims being in the heart of Champagne region, and city who were crown many kings of France in the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims, this thematic about greyhounds appeared to be a good choice. We hope all the wine and champagne lovers will like it.

PS : A great thank you to the association Soligalgos who take part of historical reconstruction during fêtes johanniques in Reims, here photos taken around the Cathedral.

For this new thematic collection for our caps of champagnes shall be funny and create a positive dynamic and exchanges, we organized a photos contest. We have been very happy of the interest for this photos contest gam and the positive comments since the prices have been awarded by drawing lots for the winners.

Some whippets, galgos, greyhounds help us with their photos. Like that their heads appear on this collection dedicated to  distinguished, elegants, fizzy, sparkling, like our cuvees of champagnes. We’ll have 12 caps from dogs coming from 5 europeans countries.

For those who didn’t saw the photos album of the dogs who entered the photos contest game and between them those who’ll have their heads used for the collection of champagnes DAMIEN-BUFFET caps, here are the dogs and the design of the caps.

Click here to see the album of drawing lots choice and the caps who’ll soon cork a great part of our Damien-Buffet champagnes cuvees.

Click here to see the album of the heads of the greyhounds and the design of the caps chosen for our bottles of champagnes Damien-Buffet.

Availiable from now to Autumn 2017 on most of our cuvees, bottles of champagnes DAMIEN-BUFFET, this collection of caps will be offered and handed to all the participants of the photos contest game, at the occasion of Global #ChampagneDay on 20/10/2017, welcoming at the winery 12 Châtillon’s street, 51500 Sacy, France.

Those participants, that we thank a lot, like their dogs, will be warmly and greatly welcome, and will have for free, in add of the collection caps, a visit of the cooperative of Sacy’s village, a walk with the dogs in the wines and the village, and of course a tasting our wines of Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET and some regional products for a picnic if the weather permits it outside, if not in the winery renovated farm, with small surprises in add.
Waiting it, a big hug to the dogs, our futures ambassadors of our brand and of our champagnes. Thanks to their owners for entering the photos contest game. Thanks to them we’ll be able to design and produce those caps on the greyhounds thematic, great collection !

Click here to follow or add some pics to our Pinterest’s album on greyhounds thematic

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